Kimberly Wexler

Kim Wexler, the founder of Body Symmetree, believes transformation begins from the inside out through dynamic, conscious movement. Her approach to Pilates is from the perspective of biomechanics and functional anatomy. While many people teach exercise, Kim teaches clients how to move correctly.

"You have to begin to understand each person, their abilities and their personal goals. What works with one, doesn't work with another." 

Kim customizes different fitness and wellness programs for each of her clients — encouraging them to experience the maximum benefits from Pilates conditioning. A native of Los Angeles, California, Kim has been practicing and studying yoga since 1995 and has been a Pilates Practitioner and Functional Movement Specialist since 2006. Kim was certified by Mary Kristi Sesso, founder of the Harmony Group Studios LLC, and accredited by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA).

Kim believes it’s important for teachers to keep up their practice and stay engaged in the learning process. Kim continues to train and take workshops with Master Teacher Karen Carlson and first generation Pilates Master Teachers, Mari Winsor, and Brooke Siler as well as Evidence Based Fitness Academy, founded by Dr. Emily Splichal.

Kim is also certified in Redcord® by Pilates on Fifth, New York City, Power Plate Acceleration Training® by Power Plate International, TRX® and TRX Sports Medicine Suspension Training, and completed Phase 1 of Vibrational & Energetic Therapy, developed by Dr. Kenneth Y. and Lisa V. Davis of New York, Davis Advanced Healthcare Systems. 


Teresa Delli Carpini

Teresa is a dedicated Pilates Practitioner who is committed to helping clients build strength and improve flexibility and balance through mindful movement. With a keen eye for detail and proper form, she helps people of all ages and fitness levels learn the principles of breath, control and precision. Whether teaching a private or group session, she monitors and modifies routines based on the individual needs of her clients. 

The mind-body connection and positive physical results she received from Pilates led her to pursuing a career in teaching. In 2007, she was trained and certified by master trained teacher, Mary Kristi Sesso, founder of the Harmony Group Studios LLC. She's also a Post-Rehabilitative Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist, and received her certification under The Pink Ribbon Program.


Rachel Maimone

Rachel believes that exercise is key to a balanced lifestyle, as it plays a huge role in stress management, mental focus and overall well-being. With her experience as a fitness professional, life coach and energetic-vibrational healing, she strives to create a program that inspires and motivates each individual to reach their own personal goals in all areas of their life.

Rachel found Pilates in 2007 and quickly thereafter became a certified Practitioner of The Pilates Method. She has been teaching Senior Mat Pilates at the Cresskill Senior Center since 2011.   She’s also certified in Personal Training through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and Power Plate Acceleration Training. She participated in the Life and Leadership Potential Training through The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC) and is currently completing IPEC's Core Training program to be a Master Practitioner.

Rachel also practices Natural Force Healing created and developed by Dr. Kenneth Y and Lisa V Davis of Davis Advanced Health System, NYC.