Custom Cancer Recovery & Healing Support Program

A cancer diagnosis is a life-changing journey that affects not only you but also those close to you. As a breast cancer survivor, I know this all too well. Therefore, I made it my mission to design a customizable program that helps you heal physically and emotionally from Breast Cancer treatment and surgeries. We call it the “Pink” Program.

“Pink” Program Benefits:
•   Regain Strength and Mobility
•   Help to Prevent Lymphedema and Axillary Web Syndrome (AWS)
•   Restore Posture
•   Reduce Pain and Swelling
•   Improve and Restore Energy

Physical Healing                                                                                  After surgery, many patients tend to suffer pain, limitation of movement and muscle weakness — making simple, everyday tasks like showering and dressing feel impossible. Pilates makes these tasks possible by improving muscular strength and endurance, postural balance and range of motion.

Lymphedema — a chronic swelling of the extremities, caused by the obstruction of the lymphatic vessels — may also present itself after surgery. Pilates exercises and breathing can help drive these fluids through the lymphatic system and reduce swelling.

Emotional Healing
Pilates focuses the mind through concentration and proper breathing. Plus, a good workout produces endorphins that bring a sense of well-being, improved body awareness and a renewed focus on wellness.

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2017. I know the emotional ups and downs, pain and limitations. Pilates helped me regain my strength and confidence after going through one of the most difficult times in my life.”
– Kimberly Wexler