Choose Forgiveness

In order to forgive, we need to stop identifying ourselves with the suffering that was caused.  

When someone has hurt us, consciously or unconsciously, one of the most difficult things we have to face in resolving the situation is the act of forgiveness. Sometimes it feels easier not to forgive and possibly cut the person in question out of our lives. In some cases, ending the relationship may be the right thing to do, but even in that case, we will only be free if we have truly forgiven. If we harbor bitterness in our hearts against anyone, we only hurt ourselves.  Why, because we are the ones harboring the bitterness. We have to choose to forgive and choosing to alleviate ourselves of that burden, choosing to be free of the past, and choosing not to perceive ourselves as victims. It is this act of forgiveness that our bodies can truly heal both physically, mentally and spiritually.