Why incorporate Pilates into your training?

Why should people incorporate Pilates into their training?

Where do I begin ...there are so many reasons! But you won’t really understand the benefits until you feel them yourself. For starters, you will become more flexible, increase core stability, and prevent back pain and other injuries. I find that managing back pain is one of the things that really helps people, as so many of us struggle with it!

Pilates is an amazing exercise in connecting body and mind. The slow movements allow you to feel what should be working. If you don’t focus on the moment and clear your head, you won’t get the best results.

The benefits of Pilates and becoming more in tune with your body will flow over into your other work in the gym and in life. You will learn how to keep your training safe and when you are switching on muscles that you shouldn’t be. You become more aware of your body’s abilities and limitations.

A huge part of Pilates is stretching, something that just about all of us are guilty of not doing enough. It is so important, and allows those tight, strong muscles to get out of the way so little ones have a chance to activate. Start your Pilates journey today ...your body and mind will thank you.