The Beauty of Balance...

I look at this sprawling tree, towering above the earth. It is not symmetric, yet it stands there in beautiful balance. It is the foundation, the unseen, inner workings, that root this tree, and keep it standing strong, nourished, glistening and vibrant.

Building a strong and balanced foundation in our lives can be a challenge. We are a fast moving world with fast moving thoughts. Taking the time to breathe, and feel, and experience is not possible when our mind is 20 steps ahead of where we actually are. Couple that with the powerful influences and judgements (real or imagined) of those around us and its easy to get lost.

I invite you to be in the moment. This moment. Ponder what is important to you. Let others’ opinions or ideas fall away, let your own inner critic and judge be silenced and discover what is still standing…this is you. What do you need in your life to stay in the “You”? What do you need to build your solid foundation?

This is the beauty of balance!

~Rachel Maimone, Friday July 8, 2016